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Nushar India is a brainchild of Er. Narendra Kumar Joshi. His vision of providing an energy-efficient building envelope gave birth to a dream.

The dream started with an aim to innovate and to stand strong in the construction industry. Being a retired Lieutenant Commander in the Indian Navy backed his grit and fighting spirit to establish Nushar India in the capital city of India. The same place where he learned all about industries and industrial life. November 1st, 1991 was the day when he and all his teammates embarked on the journey of enriching the construction life of buildings. He believes building envelopes which are equivalent to the skin of a building, and their quality should never be compromised.

Building Envelope to provide Protection from all Elements Including Heat, Rain, Seepage, Leakage, Wind & Cold

We believe in building envelopes which are equivalent to the skin of a building, and their quality should never be compromised.

Our Mission

To enrich the life of every building with high-quality and economical products. We aim to deliver energy-efficient construction chemicals and stone processing products.

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Our Multipurpose Waterproofing & Heat Barrier Polymers

You can trust us with all your plumbing needs like repairs and installation of pipes, fixtures, sinks, Taps, Flush tank repair etc.
Nushar's Paint

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We offer detailed HVAC repair and replacement services. Whether it is a periodic check-up or an annual maintenance, we can help.
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You can freely ask about all your queries relating to which product will suit you and your building the best. We’ll provide in-depth details about all our products and the proper way to use them. Even if you are confused between two products, ask us and get the professional advice you need. 

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